Welcome to Ipomoea Genome Hub

The Ipomoea Genome Hub is an integrated web-based database for all the people who love Ipomoea species. The haplotype-resolved genome sequence of hexaploid Ipomoea batatas (cv. Taizhong6) is available here. The hub also provides tools for easy sharing of research data and ideas.

With a global annual production of more than 100 million tons from 1965 to 2014, Ipomoea batatas, a great contributor to food security, is an important source of calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals for humans. It is the seventh most important crop of the world and the fourth most significant in China, in terms of the annual production.

Ipomoea batatas is a hexaploid species (2n = 6x = 90) with a base chromosome number of 15. The hexaploid genome size is about 3.0 Gb estimated by C-value. The most possible genome constitution is predicted as B1B1B2B2B2B2 by genetic linkages studies and confirmed by current genome sequence.